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Life Bidet also provides inspection, delivery, bidet installation,

and wiring services for your convenience


  • SIZE ASSESSMENT: Measures existing water closet to determine which bidet will fit. Ocular check on design and type of water closet if modified installation is necessary. 

  • SURVEY REQUIREMENTS: Examines the location for water and electrical outlet. 

    • Water Outlet: Identifies if there are any additional valves|fittings needed​.

    • Electrical Outlet: Recommends sources of electricity to make new outlet. Measures the necessary requirements following the path of the power line. 


  • Removes the existing toilet seat cover.

  • Mounts the Electronic Toilet Seat Bidet on the water closet. Does adjustments for fit and ensures the bidet is locked on the plate. 

  • Connects the bidet to the water source and plugs it to the outlet.

  • Initialize bidet to pump in water.

  • Checks functions if working properly.

  • Ensures water connection has no leak. 


  • FLEXIBLE PAYMENT METHODS: Cash on Delivery available for Metro Manila areas.

  • ORDER WITH EASE: Place your order through any of our hotlines and wait at the comfort of your homes. 

    • Telephone

    • Mobile Phone

    • Email

    • Faceboook Page

    • Chat Apps: Viber, Whatsapp, Kakao, Line, WeChat 


  • Assesses the best source of electricity to be used and the cleanest looking path of the power line. 

  • Brings all the necessary materials for the  additional outlet.

  • Provides professional work on doing the power line from the source to the target location of the new outlet. 

  • Ensures electrical outlet is working properly.


  • Reliable after-sale support.

  • Home service option for metro manila areas.

  • Does initial diagnosis, repairs, and possible upgrades

On site services are only applicable to Metro Manila area.

Outside Metro Manila locations will be supported remotely. 


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