Cleansing Abilities

Micro Wash Technology
Feminine Wash Nozzle
Massage | Oscillate Function

Completely cleans any residue with adjustable water pressure and temperature for a more hygienic experience

Front wash to specifically cater to women's needs such as after giving birth and when having menstruation

During wash and bidet function, nozzle moves back and forth automatically for more thorough cleaning and to ease bowel motion

Warm Air Dry

Completely dries after washing with adjustable air temperature

Superior Nozzle

Uses twin nozzle with adjustable nozzle position and self-cleaning capabilities

Heated Seats

adjustable temperature for a more comfortable seat depends on user's preference

Soft Closing Mechanism

Never have a banging sound with our bidet's soft closing seat and lid


eliminates unpleasant odor

Seat Sensor

Built-in seat sensor only functions when user intends to use the product and prevents any malfunction

Power Saving

Sleep mode function to save energy when not in use so bidet will have negligible impact on your electric bills


Built-in micro sensor diagnoses problems and indicates through flicking lights

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Nozzles washes itself to ensure hygienic use for every user