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Breaking the UTI Myth

Breaking the UTI Myth

Finish that cranberry juice, drink lots of water, don’t have sex – there are so many beliefs surrounding UTIs that we don’t know which one to believe anymore. Below are the top 8 Ideas on UTIs. Let us unravel which of them are Myth or Fact.

1. UTI is preventable – MYTH

Unfortunately, UTI is not 100% preventable, but there are ways on how to reduce your chances of getting UTIs such as cleaning with water instead of toilet paper, drinking lots of water, and urinating before and after having sex.

2. Only Women Can Get UTIs - MYTH

Anybody can get UTI but women have greater chances because they have shorter urethra than men which causes the bacteria to reach the bladder faster.

3. Having Sex Increases your Chance of Getting UTI - FACT

This is especially true for women because the vagina is adjacent to the urethra allowing bacteria to pass through reaching the bladder.

4. Only Sexually Active Women Can Get UTI – MYTH

Chances of getting UTIs are higher for sexually active women but anybody can get UTI at any stage in their life.

5. Pregnant Women have Higher Chance of Getting UTI - FACT

With the increase of progesterone hormone in pregnant women, they are more vulnerable to have UTI plus when the belly starts to get bigger, it pushes on the bladder causing residual urine to be left in the tank which can cause possible infections.

6. Cranberries Can Cure UTIs – MYTH

Cranberries do contain active ingredients which prevent bacteria from sticking onto the walls of your bladder, but research shows amount of this ingredient is not enough to cure UTIs. Only antibiotics can help in curing UTIs.

7. UTIs Do Not Need Doctor’s Attention – MYTH

Although, UTI is very common. Do not underestimate its effect as UTIs can cause serious infections to the bladder and kidney. Best to get medical help if you notice high frequency of recurrence.

8. UTIs are Contagious – MYTH

UTIs are definitely not contagious and cannot be passed from one person to the next even during intimacy.

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