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The Return of the Period

After a nine month leave from your period, it comes back with a vengeance after your baby is born. It usually happens between 3 and 10 weeks after giving birth (the average is 45 days).

Although breastfeeding will help delay your period, it will still eventually come back and it can affect your milk supply and the taste of your milk due to hormonal changes being experienced by the body.

Make sure to maintain proper hygiene in the area to avoid any infections. Remember that your body underwent dramatic amount of stress and is very susceptible to complications.

One great way to keep yourself clean is through an electronic bidet. With electronic bidet, you can wash with warm water at any given time of day without any hassle. You can choose different temperatures and pressures depending on your preference. With just 1 click, you get the relaxing comfort and warm water.

Electronic bidets are available in the Philippines at Life Bidet, visit our webpage for more information.

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