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The ABCs of Potty Training

Potty training can be a tough one for parents. The secret to a successful potty training according to Mayo Clinic is patience and timing. But even if you had these, the biggest challenge always is educating a child on how to clean properly when they are done. Learn the ABCs of Potty Training to have a blissful learning sessions with you child.

Assess the physical and emotional readiness of your child. Most children show interest with potty training at 2 years old but some are much later at 2 and half. Always remember that it is not the age that counts, but the readiness of the child in terms of understanding your instructions and following them.

Be ready to fail at first. You have to repeat the process several times until it becomes a habit and a part of your child’s instincts. Hardly does someone ever gets it right at first try. You will need to check if your child is doing the right thing and if it is clean enough.

Consider using electronic bidet. Teaching is so much easier with an electronic bidet as you will only need to teach them what to click when they are done. This ensures proper hygiene with every bathroom visit and much less stress for you.

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