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Give Dad the Best Seat in the House – the Bidet Seat!

Give Dad the Best Seat in the House – the Bidet Seat!

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 19, have you bought something yet? Another coffee mug, shirt, belt, or tie? He’ll definitely love it but it’s been the same year on year. We know it can be tough to think of a unique gift for our dads. But fret not, because it’s time to upgrade Dad’s lifestyle.

Come to think of it, this is the man who taught you how to take a bath, play basketball, drove you to school and most importantly how to reach for your dreams!

This year, give him the best seat in the house with DobiDos Premium Bidet.

DobiDos Premium Bidet will give your Dad the best bathroom experience ever.

Firstly, he would never have to worry about that rough toilet paper which can cause lesions and wounds when wiped too hard. With the Bidet Seat, you will just have to click a button and it will do everything for you.

Secondly, no more stretching to the farthest corner of your bathroom to reach for that bidet spray or bending over to aim. Again, with the Bidet Seat, it’s just a click away!

Lastly, the Bidet Seat has so much functions which makes every visit a spa-like experience – massage, temperature control, pressure control, nozzle position, deodorization, and a whole lot more.

DobiDos Premium Bidet -

The gift that will change Dad’s life.

The gift he’s always wanted.

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