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Choose a Side! Which Team Are You On?

Choose a Side! Which Team Are You On?

Bidet Spray vs. Seat Bidet

With all the superhero movies raging a war against each other, it’s time to choose a side!

Batman vs. Superman? Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Who do you think is superior in strength and wit? Who has the moral high ground between the two?

It’s a difficult choice on our favorite heroes, but when it comes to hygiene, there’s no doubt that Team Seat Bidet wins over Bidet Spray, a definite hands down.

Although Bidet Spray does provide the water to clean your heiny, it comes with complications that only Seat Bidet solves.

Apart from the leaks you often experience, you still have to get the Bidet Spray on the corner of your bathroom. You need to bend and twist to reach for it. This can sometimes cause accidents for our beloved senior families and even a challenge for our injured members. With Team Seat Bidet, you just need to click the controller and it does everything for you. No more muscle pain, no more stretching.

Secondly, you have to aim the bidet spray correctly or it will spray all over the toilet. You’ll also have to get your hands dirty to get the cleanliness that you want. Our advice? Don’t touch that poo because you don’t have to with Team Seat Bidet! Let go of that toilet paper and get completely cleansed with micro wash technology. Team Seat Bidet ensures all residue are washed off. Adjust nozzle position with just a few clicks.

Lastly and the ultimate reason why we’re all for Team Seat Bidet are the functions that comes with it! Heated water and seat with massage functions, dryer, deodorizer, adjustable pressure, and a lot more that makes us so excited to use it. It’s a spa-like experience right at home.

Regardless of which superhero team are you, make sure to cast your vote on Team Seat Bidet!

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