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Top 5 TECH you need to care for Lolo and Lola!

There is no doubt how much we love Lolo and Lola and we definitely would like to give them the best care possible! With the recent innovations, there are technologies that can make caring for them much easier for them as well as much comfortable for them! Check out the top 5 tech you need to make this happen!

1. Closed Circuit Television or commonly known as CCTV

CCTVs are not only used for commercial or industrial establishments. They can also be installed in our homes to help us monitor our elderly loved ones. Now, we can check lolo or lola even if we are away from home. We can even ask ate or kuya from another city to look after them while we take our much needed rest!

2. Electronic Toilet Seat Bidet

This technology is a huge life saver for elders. They can regain their independence in the bathroom with just a few clicks. Gone are the days that you have to help them every time they enter the toilet. It also prevents bathroom accidents compared to the use of toilet paper, dippers or handheld spray where you need to reach for your behind.

3. WiFi-IR-RF Capable Universal Remote Control

No need to reach for several remote controls! With the Universal Remote Control, our elders can now control any of the appliances in the bedroom with the use of 1 application in their phone.

4. Motion Sensitive Night Lights

Lights automatically turns on when a person is detected! This will ensure our elders do not forget to open or close the lights. No need to look for the switches!

5. Medical System Alert

Device with 2 way voice pendant you can shower with and an amazing 600 Foot range. Our elders can wear it in the shower, on their wrist, or in a belt clip. This ensures they are able to call us in cases of emergency.

To look for more technologies, please see this link:

Use and optimize technology to make yours and lolo's/lola's life more convenient & comfortable!

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