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What's the Fuss with e-Bidets?

Electronic bidets (e-bidets) are found in more than 76% of Japanese homes and about 60% of Korean homes. In fact, they are so popular that the Japanese government use this as metric that defines lower incomes in terms of living in an apartment or house that does not have e-bidets.

From the article of Road Warrior Voices, it seems like the Japanese government is intentionally installing these e-bidets in public restrooms because it proved to be an attraction to tourists. But these e-bidets are not just for Japanese and Koreans anymore, they are beginning to become a standard bathroom fixture in the rest of the world too (Europe, Canada, North America, Middle East and the rest of Asia).

According to Global Times China published last year, Chinese tourists spent 6 billion yuan ($959.4million) in Japan to buy electronic seat bidets. This translates to more than 2 million units of bidets sold! Sales in North America have been growing double digit.

The surge in the bidet sales can be attributed to the fact that travel costs are really competitive nowadays (with the introduction of airline promotions, Airbnb, Agoda, etc.) and Japan & Korea, being the largest consumers of e-bidets also opened their country for more tourists these past few years. People are discovering the benefits of e-bidets. They themselves, experience, the comfort and convenience it provides.

E-bidets are so popular due to its effective and efficient cleaning. You no longer need to use your hands for extra support unlike using handheld bidet spray and a manual bidet. With just a few clicks, you get to thoroughly wash your bottom. This provides the highest convenience especially for elderly people who have challenges in movements. This also prevents several ailments such as hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, and vaginal infections. Say goodbye to these illnesses as you don’t have to wipe your skin abrasively using just toilet paper which aggravates hemorrhoids. Clogged plumbing pipes will also be a thing of the past without much use of toilet paper.

But apart from all these reasons, e-bidets are just too cool to pass on!

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